steel monger

Steel Monger was established to meet the market's need for a steel trading and merchant company that could provide superior customer service with top quality products. Steel Monger operates as an international steel trader, broker, processor and merchant. Steel Monger has the capability of handling a wide range of products including plate, coil, sheet, wire, and long products.

Steel Monger’s core activity in India is the supply of product to manufacturers of household appliances, civil engineering constructors, and the building industry. Owned and operated by skilled steel industry professionals, the company has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is second to none.

Here at Steel Monger, quality and service are the paramount values of our business. Sourcing only from world class mills which have a history of standing by their products’ performance, Steel Monger places the utmost emphasis on ensuring only the right materials are supplied for customer requirements. Steel Monger puts relentless effort in ensuring that every product sourced from overseas is properly tested and meets the appropriate standards prior to supplying the market.

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